26 June, 2016

A Police Visit

Chapter 10 of Golton Island starts with unexpected visitors...

Rory has commenced High School at Horsham and is boarding with Ivy Pascoe. Max and Richard have had him out at Golton island over the weekend, and late on Sunday have taken him back to Ivy's place for school the next day.

They are no sooner home at Golton Island when this happens ...


It was just on sunset when the couple arrived home at Golton Island, and only minutes after they walked into the house a police car drove into their yard. Mystified, Richard and Max went back outside again to encounter a police man and a police woman in the fading light. “Hello, we are looking for Mr. Max Clark,” the police woman said quite pleasantly.
“That is me,” Max replied, wondering why they were seeking him specifically.
“Oh, I’m pleased to hear that—we were not sure that we had come to the right place. I’m Senior Constable Lisa Collins and this is Senior Constable James Ethridge. May we come in?”
“Certainly,” Max said, indicating the way to the house, and curious to know what this could be about.”
“They all sat around the kitchen table, Max introduced Richard, and then Lisa Collins said, “We are from the Horsham Police Station, and we are very aware of your involvement with the Police Honours funeral last Friday. However, we are here about an entirely different matter. Our colleagues from the Dimboola Police Station have asked us to visit you. Max, the Dimboola police have been to your brother’s neighbour in Dimboola and learned from him that you are Lyle Clark’s brother, is that correct?”




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