3 October, 2016

A galah called Toot

Rory and Danny help an injured galah ...

In chapter 12 of Golton Island Danny is visiting his friend Rory at Golton Island for the first time when they find an injured galah.

“When the boys returned from their afternoon walk, Danny was naked from the waist up; he was carrying something wrapped in his shirt.
“What have you got there?” Max asked as the boys approached the back door.
“It’s a galah with a broken left wing, and it can’t fly,” Danny said. “We found it at the main road. We think it has been hit by a car.”
Rory said, “The only way we could think to carry it home without it biting us with its sharp parrot beak, and it tried to, was to wrap it in something.”
“It’s shat in my shirt too,” Danny volunteered.
“What can we do with it?” Rory asked.
“Bring it into the kitchen and we’ll get a towel to wrap it up a bit better,” Richard said.



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