30 November, 2015

Annie Prouix meets Nevil Shute in Six Feet Under

Mount Zero, the northernmost peak of Victoria's Grampians Ranges, or Gariwerd. The place of more than one scene in "Mount Zero", the Wimmera Trilogy.


Mount Zero, the Wimmera Trilogy by Douglas Gellatly has recently been reviewed by Jan Harden (Author of Fear of Leaving).

Here is what he wrote:

A compelling and touching tale of ordinary lives, well led.

I started to read Mount Zero, a trilogy incorporating Douglas Gellatly’s three novels, expecting a classic Australiana story. To some extent, that is exactly what it is, a charming, well told, well written depiction of Australian rural life spread over three decades. However, it is so much more than that, serious yet amusing, insightful but light-hearted, and both erotic and tender. Annie Prouix meets Nevil Shute during an episode of Six Feet Under probably sums the novels up.
The author has a rare skill in describing everyday events in evocative detail and in so doing transporting the reader to the experience. I was particularly taken with the way that the daily experiences of the main characters were interwoven with historical detail and social commentary. Mount Zero is a great read in itself; however I also think that if certain Australian politicians were to read the book the whole ongoing debate about gay marriage in Australia would finally and thankfully be laid to rest.

Thank you, Jan.


Mount Zero is available through Apple iBooks, Kobo, Barnes and Noble, and Smashwords.


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