11 June, 2016

Golton Island Rory meets Danny

An excerpt from Chapter 8 of Golton Island

Max's becomes legal guardian of his nephew Rory who commences school at Horsham High School ...


On Monday night Rory phoned Golton Island to report on his first day at the school. “It was great,” he answered when Richard asked him how it went. “I’m in a mixed class of twenty-eight girls and boys. There were two other new students in the same class, a girl from Canada—her father is a new scientist at the Crops Research Institute in Horsham, and an Aboriginal boy who came from Port Augusta, way north of Adelaide—his family have moved to Horsham.”
“That all sounds good,” Richard said, “and I suppose it’s too early to ask if you have any particular friends yet?”
“Well, I hung out a bit with the Aboriginal boy; we sort of clicked, maybe because we are both new in the class—his name is Danny Adkin, and he’s shorter than me.”




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