26 October, 2016

Stan fesses up

An embarrassing moment for Stan...

An excerpt from Chapter Thirteen of Golton Island. In the glow of a camp fire near The Victoria Range in the Grampians Stan faces a sudden question.

“The evening meal was eaten as they all sat on logs around the fire and talked of the bush walk to get to Red Rock the next morning in the quest to find the rock wallabies. “I’ve got my camera with me too,” Max said.
Stan, who had been sitting quietly, asked, “Have you got a telephoto lens?”
“I sure have. I can’t imagine that, if we find them, we will be getting anywhere near enough to get a close-up shot of the wallabies unless I use that lens.”
“True, and that’s why I asked—I brought my binoculars too.”
“Have you, perhaps, been using your binoculars in our district in recent months?” Richard suddenly asked. “Bird watching? Other watching?”
An expectant silence followed, punctuated by the crackle of the fire, before Stan shifted uncomfortably, cleared his throat and said, “I’m rather glad that right now I’m sitting in the relative darkness and glow of the fire, because I suspect my face has just turned an embarrassing red.” He hesitated further, then said, “Um…ah…fellas…, I owe all four of you an apology, a big apology, because the answer is, yes, guilty as charged.”



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