5 January, 2016

Welcome to 2016

To all my followers, Happy New Year.

The above picture was taken this morning (4/1/2016) from the gate of where I live ... Quince Farm, Clunes, Victoria, Australia. The mountain is known as Mount Beckworth. Atop the mountain there is a well-formed pine tree known as "The Lollipop Tree" which is a well-known landmark in the district.

Regarding my writing, I am working slowly on a fourth novel. Meanwhile I am continuing to write short stories too.

One development that I hope to achieve this year is to produce YouTube videos of myself reading excerpts from my novels, or the short stories. Big learning curve coming up!

Through the social media channels of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram (and here) I am fortunate to have thousands of followers; any time you feel like providing me with feedback, please do so.


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